ALM, born Adrien Lammoglia, is a mastering sound engineer and music producer. Early on, he started writing and composing, but his career really began in 2010. After several self-produced projects, he moved to Montpellier (France) with a brand-new studio, and the ambition to develop an international career.

In 2017, he released the international compilation « Above the Clouds » gathering twenty artists from all continents. 2018 was the most productive year for the music producer. In just one year he released the EP « Beauty for Freedom » featuring five rising artists from the international RnB and Hip-Hop scene, an EP of deep house remixes of the rap single « Twerk » produced in 2016 with Vaskez Malakay ; the mixtape « Tha World Tape » with sixteen emcees from around the world and finally the 5th volume of his famous beat tape « Free Instrumentals ».

Since 2019 ALM explores new dance-oriented vibes with house & electro-pop sounds. He released first the singles « Dance along the Line » (afro house) and his best hit « Le Canto » (latin house). Later during the very special year of 2020, he released the groovy one « Live ur Life » (nu-soul electro-pop) and the sweet « Message d’amour » (pop). In 2021 he presents a very special new project including a house and a rock remix of the hip hop classic Shook Ones, Pt. II by Mobb Deep! After a break in 2020 because the birth of his first lovely son, ALM is back in 2023 with the international afro pop single and music video « Maria » shot in Nigeria, Camroon, Ivory Coast and France.


« You wanna see me whining
Do you wanna see me whining?
Feel the flow while i’m vibing
Feel the flow while i’m singing babe »

MARIA, new international afro pop single featuring Genius, Nahys and Wonsville
Listen & Download here




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